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Shoptodina Foundation is an academic and cultural non-profit body founded by Shoptodina (a cultural-intellectual think tank based in New Delhi and Kolkata) to further academic and cultural enquiry into nationalism, nationalist methodology and to promote cultural and historical understanding about communities. Currently it has two arms, one of which is exclusively focused on the Bengalis: Bongiyo Itihash o Shonshkriti Onushondhan Shomiti (BISOS), translatable as Bengali History and Culture Enquiry Committee, a close-knit group that seeks to develop discourses on the history and culture of the Bengali people, with a special emphasis on local histories and representation of Bengali history in audio-visual medium, including the internet; the other arm is international in scope and is named Shoptodina Research Initiative (SRI) and it currently runs the management of Journal of Bengali Studies, and it is going to launch three more journals very soon: Journal of Indic Studies, Nalanda Journal of Social and Cultural Studies and Journal of Nationalism Studies.


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